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Humboldt Track Stories for 03/16 and 03/17

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By Scott L Stewart

HUMBOLDT, Kan. (March 16) – Jason Hughes ran down early leader Terry Phillips, lost
the lead to Ryan Gustin and then fought back to regain the lead with two laps to go
as he captured the 40-lap USMTS Casey’s Cup Series main event Friday night at the
Humboldt Speedway in Humboldt, Kan.
Phillips, who came into the event as the points leader after winning the USMTS
Casey’s Cup Series opener in Baytown, Texas, three weeks ago, snagged the lead from
Hughes at the drop of the green flag and paced the field for the first half of the
race before Hughes wrestled the lead away on lap 22.
Nine laps later, defending USMTS National Champion Ryan Gustin scooted past the 2010
titleist to gain the lead with ten laps remaining.
But Hughes has become known for his late-race heroics at ‘The Hummer’ and the
37-year-old chassis builder from Watts, Okla., came roaring back to challenge Gustin
with three laps remaining.
With the white flag waving in front of them, Hughes made his move to the outside of
‘The Reaper’ and edged ahead at the line.
Hughes proceeded to pull away in the final trip around Ron and Rhenda Whitworth’s
high-banked 1/3-mile clay oval to record his 11th career victory in 25 USMTS shows
at Humboldt.
The $2,000 triumph was also the 106th win of his USMTS career.
Gustin, who climbed from 12th on the starting grid, had to settle for his third
runner-up finish in four starts this season as he continues to search for his first
win of the 2012 campaign.
Rodney Sanders brought home a third-place finish, followed by Stormy Scott, Zack
VanderBeek, Johnny Scott, Terry Schultz, Chris Brown, Mike Sorensen and Steven
Bowers Jr. completing the top 10.
Seventy-two USMTS Modifieds filled the pit area Friday night, along with 33 USRA B Mods.
Scott Drake of Joplin, Mo., picked up his first Iron Man Challenge checkered flag as he conquered a 33-car USRA B-Mod field at the Humboldt Speedway in Humboldt, Kan., Friday night. Competing in his first Iron Man Challenge event in the debut for the series and the popular USRA-sanctioned division at Humboldt, the veteran racer wired the main event field for a $500 payday. Minnesota’s Jacob Blaess was second, with Steven Muilenburg taking third, Jeremy Chambers in fourth and Jared Timmerman scoring a fifth-place finish. Tim VanGotten, Jason Schlangen, Terry Bruner, Ross McCartney and Chad McNamara rounded out the top 10 finishers in the feature race.

HUMBOLDT, Kan. (March 17) – Rodney Sanders rolled to his first USMTS Casey’s Cup Series win of the season Saturday night, rising to the top of a 70-car field of the
nation’s best open-wheel dirt Modified drivers as they invaded the Humboldt Speedway
for the second night of the 7th Annual Spring Fling @ The Bullring.
Polesitter Nick Nevins jumped in front at the start of the 40-lap main event and led
the first seven laps before Corey Dripps powered around the high side of the
1/3-mile clay oval to grab the top spot.
Mark Dotson entered the picture 14 laps later and challenged Dripps for the lead but
the pair made contact that resulted in a caution, a flat tire for Dotson and both
drivers tagging the rear of the field.
Defending USMTS National Champion Ryan Gustin inherited the lead for the restart and
proceeded to pace the pack through the next 12 laps with Sanders and John Schwab
applying the pressure.
With seven laps to go, however, Gustin’s right rear tire went flat and ‘The Reaper’
found himself denied of the winners circle again after losing the lead to Jason
Hughes with two laps remaining the night before.
Sanders was there to take the reigns and 22-year-old from Happy, Texas, rolled into
victory lane with his first win of the 2012 campaign and pocketed the $2,000 top
prize. It was his sixth career USMTS victory and first ever at ‘The Hummer.’
Schwab, who started second, was still there at the end to score his career-best
USMTS finish while Johnny Scott climbed from 12th on the starting grid to finish
third with Terry Phillips and Terry Schultz rounding out the top 5.
Sixth through tenth, respectively, went to Friday night winner Jason Hughes, Mike
Sorensen, Rick Beebe, Jacob Dahle and Jeremy Payne.
While Gustin was awarded the Dominator Hard Luck Award for the night, Hughes bagged
a bonus “Benjamin” by coming from 18th to 6th and earning the Mesilla Valley
Transportation Hard Charger Award.
Another pair of USMTS Casey’s Cup Series clashes are in store next weekend at the LA
Raceway in La Monte, Mo., on Friday, March 23, and the I-35 Speedway in Winston,
Mo., on Saturday, March 24. Both events will also have the Iron Man Challenge
featuring USRA Stock Cars and B-Mods on the racing card.
The USMTS Modifieds return to the Humboldt Speedway in less than two weeks as the
track will host the $15,000-to-win King of America II Modified Nationals, March

HUMBOLDT, Kan. — The long haul to the Humboldt Speedway in Southern Kansas paid off for Nick Roberts as the youngster from Des Moines, Iowa, captured the 20-lap USRA B-Mod main event Saturday night in Round 2 of the Iron Man Challenge.
After a 13th-place finish Friday night, Roberts used a strong heat race finish and some luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day in drawing the outside of the front row for the main event.
He used it to his advantage as he held off Oklahoma’s Irish duo Ross McCartney and Chad McNamara to score the victory and pocket the $500 winner’s share of the purse.
Shawn Strong came from 14th to finish fourth and local favorite Tim VanGotten rounded out the top 5 at the flagstand. Sixth went to Cresco, Iowa’s Jason Schlangen, seventh was Jeremy Chambers, Friday night’s winner Scott Drake was eighth, Nick Newton nabbed ninth and veteran Steve Muilenburg took tenth.
This weekend’s season opener for the Iron Man Challenge was the first venture into the Sunflower State for the series and the first USRA-sanctioned event for B-Mods at ‘The Hummer’ which will sanction the division as part of their weekly Friday night programs in 2012

   For now at least, Tyler Kidwell is "the guy to beat" in Humboldt Speedway Pure Stocks.
   Kidwell won the Pure Stock features on both Friday and Saturday nights at "The Hummer". In both cases, Kidwell overcame strong competition from what looks to be a very competitive 2012 field.


Race Results
Date of Race: Friday, March 16, 2012
Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
HEAT 1    Tyler Kidwell, Jeremy Willard, Curtis Wilson, Joshua Parcell, Levi Phillips, Tony
 Morris, Matt Habiger, Ethan Lamons
    A FEATURE    Tyler Kidwell, Jeremy Willard, Joshua Parcell, Levi Phillips, Curtis Wilson,
                Ethan Lamons, Tony Morris, Matt Habiger

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
HEAT 1    Rodney Sigg, Jared Timberman, Jimmy Davis, Nick Roberts, Shawn Strong, Mark
        DeBoer, Trevor Hunt, Kenny Shaw, Riley Whitworth
HEAT 2    Ross McCartney, Chris Huisman, Chad McNamara, Terry Bruner, Billy Bently, Jeremy
        Chambers, Leon Bash, Nick Newton
HEAT 3    John Brooks, Scott Drake, Jason Schlangen, Brad Jarman, Ben Kates, Scott Lucke,
        David Samuals, Jon Westhoff
HEAT 4    Jacob Blaess, Steven Muilenburg, Tim VanGotten, Adam Penn, Jeremy Wilson, Bob
        Kerbs, Ron Green, Curtis Dreahser
B FEATURE    Adam Penn, Nick Roberts, Trevor Hunt, Mark DeBoer, Jeremy Chambers, Kenny
        Shaw, Jon Westhoff, Jimmy Davis Billy Bentley, David Samuels
B FEATURE Shawn Strong, Chad McNamara, Ben Kates, Bob Kerbs, Leon Bash, Curtis Dreahser,
        Nick Newton, Scott Lucke, Jeremy Wilson, Ron Green
A FEATURE    Scott Drake, Jacob Blaess, Steven Muilenburg, Jeremy Chambers, Jared
        Timberman, Tim VanGotten, Jason Schlangen, Terry Bruner, Ross McCartney, Chad
        McNamara, Ken Kates, Chris Huisman, Nick Roberts, Brad Jarman, Trevor Hunt,
        Adam Penn, Rodney Sigg, Mark DeBoer, Bob Kerbs, Leon Bash, Kenny Shaw, Shawn
        Strong, John Brooks, Curtis Dreahser

USRA Modified
HEAT 1    Rodney Sanders, Brian Ruhlman, Zack VanderBeek, Rick Beebe, Dereck Ramirez,
        Brad Dierks, Dairan Hendrix, Dan Fetters, Al Hejna
HEAT 2    Scott Daniels, Steven Browers Jr., Tanner Mullens, Darron Fuqua, Mike Wedelstadt,
        Tim Thomas, Corey Dripps, Jason Krohn, Luke Driskell
HEAT 3     Terry Phillips, Ryan Gustin, Ryan Ruter, Jacob Dahle, Mickey Burrell, Austin Siebert,
        Garry Oskerson, Ryan Engels, Michael Maggard
HEAT 4    Mike Sorensen, Stormy Scott, Chris Brown, Justin Folk, Cody Agler, Jared Rogers, Jim
        Johnson, Brent Fielder, Nick Nevins
HEAT 5    Tim Donlinger, Jason Hughes, Ron Keith, Kelly Shryock, Shannon Scott, Justin
        Rexwinkle, Brandon Davis, Lucas Conley, Scott Bough
HEAT 6    Jeremy Payne, Nick Herrick, Stephen Muilenburg, Paden Phillips, Lucas Scott,
        Thomas Tillison Jr., John Allen, Bumper Jones, Johnny Scott
HEAT 7    Terry Schultz, Dan Daniels, Shad Badder, Johnny Bone Jr., Jamie Ragland, William
        Gould, Doug Herrick, Robbie Simmons, Bryan Rowland
HEAT 8    Joe Duvall, Jessy Willard, John Schwab, Casey Penn, Johnny Fennewald, Daniel
        Hilsabeck, Buddy Thompson, Ryan Schaffer, Derrek Wilson
B FEATURE    Brian Ruhlman, Shad Badder, Dereck Ramirez, Johnny Bone Jr., John Allen, Jessy
        Willard, Jamie Ragland, Dan Fetters, William Gould, Luke Driskell, Daniel Hilsabeck,
        Tim Thomas, Cody Alger, Corey Dripps, Robbie Simmons, Derrek Wilson, Ron
        Keith, Johnny Fennewald, Brent Fielder, Scotty Bough
B FEATURE Kelly Shryock, Storny  Scott, Stephen Muilenburg, Jacob Dahle, Rick Bebbe, John
        Schwab, Jason Krohn, Lucas Schott, Johnny Scott, Austin Siebert, Casey Penn, Jared
        Rogers, Doug Herrick, Dairan Hendrix, Garry Oskerson, Michael Maggard, Shannon
        Scott, Lucas Conley, Ryan Schaffer
B FEATURE Zack VanderBeek, Darron Fuqua, Mickey Burrell, Dan Daniels, Tanner Mullens,
        Paden Phillips, Bumper Jones, Justin Rexwinkle, Thomas Tillison Jr., Bryan Rowland,
        Jim Johnson, Buddy Thompson, Brandon Davis, Nick Nevins, Mike Wedelstadt, Ryan
        Engels, Justin Folk, Brad Dierks, Al Hejna
A FEATURE    Jason Hughes, Ryan Gustin, Rodney Sanders, Storny Scott, Zack
        VanderBeek, Johnny Scott, Terry Schultz, Chris Brown, Mike Sorensen, Steven
        Bowers Jr., Bryan Rowland, Terry Phillips, Rick Beebe, Dereck Ramirez, Shad Badder,
        Brian Ruhlman, Dan Daniels, Ryan Ruter, Darron Fuqua, Stephen Muilenburg, Jacob
        Dahle, Kelly Shryock, Jeremy Payne, Tim Donlinger, Scott Daniels, Joe Duvall,
        Johnny Bone Jr., Mickey Burrell, Brandon Davis, Nick Herrick

Race Results
Date of Race: Saturday, March 17, 2012
Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
HEAT 1    Tyler Kidwell, Curtis Wilson, Jeremy Willard, Travis Barker, George Reimer, Tony
        Morris, Bryon Wunschel, Shawn Herndon, Travis Brewer
A FEATURE    Tyler Kidwell, Jeremy Willard, Curtis Wilson, Tony Morris, Travis Barker,
        Shawn Herndon, Bryon Wunschel, Travis Brewer, George Reimer

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
HEAT 1    Tim VanGotten, Terry Bruner, Scott Drake, Bob Kerbs, Brad Jarman, Ken Kates,
        Shawn Strong, Trevor Hunt
HEAT 2    Leon Bash, Nick Roberts, David Samuels, Jacob Blaess, Chris Huisman, Scott Lucke,
        Jon Westhoff, Rodney Sigg
HEAT 3    Jacob Ebert, Jared Timberman, Ross McCartney, Steve Muilenburg, John Brooks,
        Nick Newton, Curtis Dreahser, Craig Mintz
HEAT 4    Chad McNamara, Jason Schlangen, Jeremy Chambers, Michael Maggard, Billy Bentley,
        Mark DeBoer, Jimmy Davis, Jeremy Wilson
B FEATURE    Scott Drake, Nick Newton, Trevor Hunt, Jimmy Davis, Michael Maggard, Chris
        Huisman, Craig Mintz, John Brooks, Scott Lucke, Jon Westhoff
B FEATURE Shawn Strong, Bob Kerbs, Jacob Blaess, Ben Kates, Brad Jarman, Jeremy Wilson,
        Rodney Sigg, Curtis Dreahser, Mark DeBoer, Billy Bentley
A FEATURE    Nick Roberts, Ross McCartney, Chad  McNamara, Shawn Strong, Tim
        VanGotten, Jason Schlangen, Jeremy Chambers, Scott Drake, Nick Newton, Steven
        Muilenburg, Trevor Hunt, Terry Bruner, Leon Bash, Brad Jarman, Jacob Ebert,
        Jeremy Wilson, Bob Kerbs, Chris Huisman, Ken Bates, Michael Maggard, David
        Samuels, Jimmy Davis, Jared Timberman, Jacob Blaess

USRA Modified
HEAT 1    Jacob Dahle, Rick Beebe, Shad Badder, Jessy Willard, Daniel Hilsabeck, Lucas Schott,
        Ron Keith, Justin Rexwinkle, Scotty Bough
HEAT 2    Corey Dripps, Ryan Gustin, Tim Donlinger, Ryan Ruter, Steven Bowers Jr., Dan
        Daniels, Tim Thomas, Garry Oskerson, Dairan Hendrix
HEAT 3     Rodney Sanders, Johnny Scott, Scott Ward, Jason Hughes, Dereck Ramirez, Luke
        Driskell, William Gould, Jared Rogers, Dustin Campbell
HEAT 4    Nick Nevins, Terry Phillips, Doug Herrick, Mike Wedelstadt, Brandon Davis, Johnny
        Bone Jr., Bryan Rigsby, Johnny Fennedwald, Ryan Engels
HEAT 5    John Schwab, John Allen, Kelly Shryock, Scott Daniels, Jamie Ragland, Thomas
        Tillison Jr.,  Al Hejna, Nick Herrick, Chris Dawson
HEAT 6    Mark Dotson, Mickey Burrell, Tyler Schmidt, Chris Brown, Dan Fetters, Brad Dierks,
        Buddy Thompson, Derrek Wilson, Brent Fielder
HEAT 7    Mike Sorensen, Jason Krohn, Bumper Jones, Jeremy Payne, Tanner Mullens, Brian
        Ruhlman, Lucas Conley, Stephen Muilenburg
HEAT 8    Terry Schultz, Storny Scott, Austin Siebert, Bryan Rowland, Zack VanderBeek, Casey
        Penn, Robbie Simmons, Jim Johnson
B FEATURE    Jason Krohn, Jason Hughes, Chris Brown, Ryan Ruter, Tyler Schmidt, Zack
        VanderBeek, Thomas Tillison Jr., Tim Donlinger, Jamie Ragland, Lucas Schott, Luke
        Driskell, Tim Thomas, Mike Wedelstadt, Buddy Thompson, Stephen Muilenburg,
        Chris Dawson, Garry Oskerson, Johnny Fennewald, Dairan Hendrix
B FEATURE Jeremy Payne, Stormy Scott, Bumper Jones, Bryan Rowland, Johnny Bone Jr., Scott
        Ward, Brad Dierks, William Gould, Steven Bowers Jr., Bryan Rigsby, Dan Fetters,
        Nick Herrick, Lucas Conley, Jim Johnson, Dan Daniels, Dustin Campbell, Jared
        Rogers, Daniel Hilsabeck, brent Fielder
B FEATURE Kelly Shryock, Dereck Ramirez, John Allen, Scott Daniels, Austin Siebert, Brandon
        Davis, Al Hejna, Brian Ruhlman, Tanner Mullens, Jessy Willard, Justin Rexwinkle,
        Casey Penn, Scotty Bough, Ryan Engels, Robbie Simmons, Doug Herrick, Ron Keith,
        Derrek Wilson
A FEATURE    Rodney Sanders, John Schwab, Johnny Scott, Terry Phillips, Terry
        Schultz, Jason Hughes, Mike Sorensen, Rick Beebe, Jacob Dahle, Jeremy Payne, Kelly
        Shryock, Dereck Ramirez, Stormy Scott, Nick Nevins, Shad Badder, Mickey Burrell,
        Chris Brown, Mark Dotson, Ryan Ruter, Casey Penn, Ron Keith, John Allen, Ryan
        Gustin, Bumper Jones, Bryan Rowland, Corey Dripps, Jason Krohn, Zack
        VanderBeek, Scott Daniels, Al Heyna



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